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A talented dancer since the age of three, Keibler is accomplished in ballet, jazz, and tap. She is also a former cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. In 1999 she entered a contest held by WCW to become one of their Nitro Girls, which she won.

World Championship Wrestling

While initially a Nitro Girl, she soon became a valet using the provocative stage name Miss Hancock, briefly serving as an associate for the tag team of Lenny Lane and Lodi dubbed Standards and Practices. Despite wearing business suits, her character would often climb on top of tables and dance for the announcers' and fans' approval. After the team "fired" her, she went on to become the manager for Los Fabulosos, a Latin American tag team consisting of Silver King and El Dandy, leading them to their first major victories within WCW.

For a brief period, she began to date David Flair, who was already involved in a faux relationship with Daffney. That led to a battle with her at the Bash at the Beach in a Wedding Gown Match, which she lost, after she, as well as David Flair and the referee, were left in the ring in their underwear.

After a feud with the Misfits in Action stable, Stacy feigned pregnancy and later broke up with Flair. She began to use her real name and became the valet for Shawn Stasiak.

Stacy also had a short feud with Kimberly Page early in her career.

World Wrestling Entertainment : WWE

When WCW was purchased by the WWF in 2001, her contract was one of 24 that were retained by the WWF, making her a WWF (WWE) employee ever since. She was a heel to start with in The Alliance. Her first appearance for the WWF was on Smackdown when Shane McMahon brought her to the ring and distracted Rhyno, causing him to lose a match. She was still a heel after the Alliance broke up. Stacy originally teamed up with close friend Torrie Wilson, and the pair feuded with WWF girls Trish Stratus and Lita. They lost to Trish and Lita in the first ever tag team bra and panties match at Invasion.

During the WCW/ECW Invasion, she managed The Dudley Boyz, during which time she was nicknamed the "Duchess of Dudleyville" by Paul Heyman. She feuded with Torrie Wilson after Wilson left The Alliance in favor of her relationship with Yoshihiro Tajiri. Keibler faced Wilson in the first-ever lingerie match at WWE No Mercy. Wilson won the contest.

Stacy was originally drafted to the SmackDown! brand in 2002, where she participated in a humorous segment in which Vince McMahon was hiring a personal assistant. Vince turned down a not so good looking woman, despite her great credentials. He then angrily turned down a male applicant, who didn't even get a chance to speak, because of his effeminate mannerisms. Then a beautiful woman was the final applicant. McMahon was ready to hire her until Stacy interrupted and demonstrated why she should get the job by giving him a table dance. Stacy became Vince's assistant as well as his onscreen mistress until Stephanie McMahon became GM of the SmackDown! brand. Dawn Marie made her debut on SmackDown! as Dawn Marie Renaldi, Vince's legal assistant, who competed with Stacy for McMahon's affections

Stacy also managed Test, who was her real life boyfriend at the time, and Scott Steiner. She was involved in a battle between those two. As Test's marketing agent, she invented the idea that Test should call his fans "Testicles," cut his hair, and reshape his image. The happy couple didn't last, however, for Test became jealous of Stacy wanting to also be Steiner's manager.

This jealousy capitulated during a match on RAW, where Test turned heel and started to verbally abuse Stacy. Steiner managed to defeat Test for Stacy's services, and Stacy seemed happy as Scott's new manager. Test, however, was not happy at all, and petitioned for an intergender tag team match, pitting himself and former rival Chris Jericho against Scott and the petite Stacy. For a match to win back the services of Stacy, Test faked a leg injury to pick up the win.

A match was set for Unforgiven, and if Test won, he would not only retain Stacy's services, but those of Scott Steiner as well. Stacy attempted to whack Test with a chair, but he ducked and she hit Scott instead. Scott later turned heel by attacking Stacy when she botched another interference next RAW. Finally, GM Mick Foley put a stop to the abusive Test and Steiner and freed Stacy from her obligatory contracts with the pair.

Stacy was chosen to record a track on the album WWE Originals. She and WWE music producer Jim Johnston recorded the track "Why Can't We Just Dance?" for the album. Other tracks were performed by Superstars such as Chris Jericho, Lilian Garcia and John Cena, each of which had their own music career. Her track was used on an episode of RAW for herself, during the 2004 RAW Diva Search and even on the Viva Las Diva of the WWE DVD.

As one of the more popular RAW face Divas, Stacy took over the 2004 RAW Diva Search for a few weeks. That was followed by a dance competition with Molly. This led to her participating in some tag matches against the heel girls then WWE Diva, Gail Kim, then heel, Trish Stratus and Molly Holly. Her partners were then WWE star, Nidia and then babyface, Victoria. Stacy showed off much improved wrestling skills, managing to get upset wins against Molly, Gail, and Trish. She even got herself a Women's Championship title match on October 11, 2004. However, Trish defeated her to retain the title.

Stacy was voted as the 2004 WWE Babe of the Year, being the first WWE Diva to beat Trish Stratus in the Babe of the Year competition (Trish was 2001-2003 Babe of the Year). As result of this, Stacy appeared on RAW following her victory and told everyone that she would bend over backwards to make the fans happy.

Stacy soon began an angle with popular superstar Randy Orton. After kissing him on the cheek during a backstage segment on RAW, there looked to possibly be a romance there. Randy even saved her from receiving a Pedigree from the villainous Triple H. Stacy never accompanied Randy to his matches, which confused the fans about the relationship. She supported him from backstage and was never considered his manager. The storyline never really made any advances, and as Randy challenged the Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania 21, Randy ended the relationship by giving her an RKO, justifying this evil act by claiming he was demonstrating just how ruthless he could be in order to defeat the Undertaker. In the end, Stacy's involvement with Orton was a device for his inevitable heel turn. Orton was the third on screen boyfriend to betray Stacy. The two others were Test and Scott Steiner.

Keibler would go on to join forces with Hurricane and Rosey. She became 1/3 of their trio as Super Stacy. During this time, Stacy was credited as having one of her best matches to date with WWE Diva, Victoria, on an international edition of WWE HEAT.

Stacy was then moved to SmackDown! as part of a trade with Christy Hemme, bringing Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle to RAW. Keibler started a short feud with Jillian Hall, which ended up with the two having a match on Velocity, during which Hall captured the victory through cheating.

Keibler appeared on the hit show Dancing with the Stars (see Outside of wrestling), placing third. Recaps were aired weekly on RAW, which was believed to be because of a conflict for SmackDown!. After a few weeks, her profile was moved over from SmackDown!. Keibler stated that shortly after the contest was over, she would meet with Vince McMahon to discuss ideas for WrestleMania 22.

Stacy's contract with WWE expires in July and is still thinking whether she will re-sign with WWE or pursue a career in acting after her exposure to "Dancing with the Stars." She will meet with the President of ABC to discuss future projects. Many within WWE believe that she will not re-sign WWE due to her increasing popularity.

In April 2006, Vegas Magazine reported that Stacy Keibler was done with WWE and moving on to other endeavors, but new evidence also shows that Stacy is now being promoted to appear at WWE scheduled events. 

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